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Brings up your stat gump. Shows what you have and what the caps on everything is.


Bring up a  gump showing your houses and let's you pick one to go  to for 10k. It takes the gold directly from your bank.


Brings up a gump to allow you to pay gold to bring your pets directly to you.


You can also use  [achievements or [achieve to bring up the gump for the extensive list to the Karma UO Achievement system.


Brings up a gump of certain things to try and fix in game. Things on the list are Mount, Pets, Equip, Gumps, Tags, Skills and Quests. If you are having an issue you can try this before asking a GM.


After you type [c the next thing you type will appear in world chat to everyone. Also you can type [c to bring up a gump showing who all is on the shard at the moment. The same  as [chat.


You can type [pm and a persons name to send them in game mail.


Typing this brings up a gump showing all your in game mail.


This brings up a gump showing the Vote Site Listings. You are able to vote once every 24 hours for Vote Tokens that can be spent in the Vote Token Store located in Nova. You can also get there by going to a moongate and going to Karma UO Locations followed by clicking on the Vote Token Store.


Typing this allows you to click on an item that you wish to guard against being added to the storage keys. For example it could be used for an instrument so you do not have to keep bringing one out after you choose to fill entries from your backpack to the keys.


Brings up a gump to add issues to a list for the GMs to look at.


Opens the gump showing all the issues that were added and gives other information about them.


Also the same as [bandself. Uses the bandages in your pack to heal yourself.


You may check other peoples achievements. 


Grabs the corpses on the ground next to you. Make sure to set the options of what you would like to grab first.

[grab options

A gump is brought up showing all the different things that are able to be grabbed. It is a custom list so if you have any questions you can always ask in our discord channel.


Opens the gump for the void pool and gives you information about it such as when the next battle is able to be started or scores.

There are other commands but I didn't feel they were important enough to add to the list. If you would like to see others added please PM Underdog in discord.

                                                     Written by Underdog