Free to play Ultima Online Highly Customized Shard. A UO experience like no other.

Memorial Day SkullBall 3v3

Part of our tournament for Memorial Day. A 3v3 SkullBall game.

Memorial Day SkullBall 2v2

Part of our tournament for Memorial Day. A 2v2 SkullBall game.

Mothers Day Event

An event we had for Mothers Day 2019



Custom PvM

Tons of custom encounters everywhere!


Custom Crafting

Almost endless possibilities for customization!


Many Unique Tamables

Tame a wide variety of pets, and breed them to create a unique generation of pets.

No Skill Cap

Work all your skills to 120

Reputation System

New Player Alliance reputation system active so far and more on the way

Pet Breeding

Breed your pets to make them stronger and more skills

Taming Bods

Bods for taming that give special rewards


Farm herbs from the plants all over the ground for Alchemy 

Auction System

An auctioneer in the new player lands, Nova, bank

Town Houses

Houses in towns can be for sale


All stealables come in a variety of colors and there is countless custom stealables


130ish random globes

Lunar Dye Collection

Hues you can get off Doom Lord, custom world boss

Dungeon Bosses

A summonable boss in almost every legacy dungeon that encourages you to work together but is not required but allows you to summon a world boss after much work


We schedule many events

Luna Vendor House

House in Luna managed by Dr Kevorkian that allows anyone to place a vendor in Luna so your not required to buy a house in Luna to do so

New Player Facet

An entire facet directed towards new players with 2 new player champ spawns, 2 new player dungeons and 2 mini champs

Many Bug Fixes

Such as allowing blues and reds to work together in non-felucca facets without fear of accidental flagging

Continuous Revamping of Standard Facets

 Continuous development of revamping standard facets to add flavor Such as entire abyss mini champs reworked and all mini champ bosses drop 3 random artifacts on the corpse 

Imbuing System Fully Customized

 Re-worked imbuing system in a never seen before method of equipment modifications 

Custom Equipment

Re-worked artifacts already in game and added 100s of customized equipment