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Star Spangled Event


 So you want to join the hunt for Freedom fighters in Wind eh?   The Freedom Fighters Event is going to continue till at least July 4th giving you ample time to collect Freedom Tokens, the Epic Tamable and Freedom Dispensers (Spears)! 


 Freedom Tokens are the currency to spend within this event, all items purchasable from this event are on an event stone outside of Trammel Wind. (Pictured below with an arrow from the World Teleporter) 


 There are two primary mobs for the Freedom fighter event and one epic tamable mob: Event Specific Mobs: The first of two mobs are the dangerous Freedom Fighters. He is armed with ‘Fisticuffs’ (Hands with Wrestling). The Freedom Fighter’s primary attack will cause you to bleed, so watch out for that strong right hook. (Pictured below) Rewarded for killing this beastie is a kcoin, which can be spent on the kcoin stone accessible through the world teleporter. Second, there is Uncle Sam. He is armed with a spear, with a primary attack that applies a Mortal Blow. Mortal Blow is a status effect that turns the struck players health bar yellow, preventing healing for a duration of time. 



Event Specific Items:

Upon death, Uncle Sam will always drop at least a single commendation and has a chance to drop an event specific spear called the ‘Freedom Dispenser’. This artifact comes in 3 variants, Freedom Red, Freedom White and Freedom Blue. Each of these spears will have their own specific artifact stats and are imbue-able.


 Event Specific Tameable Companions:  Lastly there is the Epic Freedom Dragon! This monstrous creature is wandering Wind and is tamable if you have the skill (Minimum Animal Taming and Animal Lore 115). It is recommended that you bring a friend as this creature carries a nasty bite and is not easily tamable, even at 120. This pet comes in 3 colors, Freedom Red, Freedom White and Freedom Blue. Catch yours with caution today!