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Guide to getting beyond Starting gear.

It is helpful to keep in mind that most items can be improved via imbuing.  There are many places that newer players can get gear:


Treasure Maps,

,  Level 6 and 7 maps have a chance to  have  [Karma Treasure Hunter] items inside.  They will spawn within the purple bag.  There is another guide that lists all the [Karma Treasure Hunter].  


Treasures of Tokuno,

 turn in 10 minor ToT artifacts to get a major artifact,  one of the more popular is the Karma version of the stormgrips:

There is a display of all the special Karma versions of the Major Tokuno artifacts.


Library Reading glasses;

many different types of glasses are available.  You must complete the Friends of the Library quest first, after completing the quest layers may either donate items or gold to build up enough points.  Here is the Karma Version of the Mace & Shield glasses:


Clean Up Britannia points;

players can gain points by placing items in the trash barrel at the bank in Britain.  The Rouge jewel set is one of the better in the game:


Vesper Museum Collection;

several pieces of the vesper museum collection have been enhanced on Karma, they are on display in the vesper museum.  Players can donates items or gold to build up enough points.  This may be a good place to get rid of those extra boards from  training your lumberjack. This is the Karma version of Keeonean's Chain Mail.  


Britannia Royal Zoo;

armor is for sale from a stone at the Moonglow Zoo.  The pieces cost 8,250,000 gold each.  There are pieces on display of each type. 


Mini Champs;

 many mini champs will drop many good artifacts.  Krysta's Skirt drops from the pixie mini champ.


Vote Tokens;

with 20 vote tokens (that's just 4 days of vote) you can get a random 300 Luck talisman.  Some of the slayers are not that useful,  but if the RNG likes you, you  can get a decent slayer:

Players should always  participate in events.  Often decent piece of gear is included in the participation prize bag.  There is  also  the doom gauntlet (display on the gate).  

Written by : Thunder