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New Player Guide

Starting UO for the first time or starting over on a new shard can be a daunting task. Especially if you never played

on a custom shard like Karma. There are so many things to (re)learn that you may sometimes feel overwhelmed. Have no 

fear, this New Player Guide will get you going in the right direction. 

After creating your character, you will be teleported to the new player town of Nova. Look familiar? It is a clone of

the Tokuno lands with one exception. It is designed for (Young) players to get their feet wet in this expansive world.

You will notice several items in your backpack. There are 3 Codexes that allow you to set any 3 skills to 100, a Codex

to set your stats, and a personal trash bag along with 50,000 gold. Among other items may be some bandages, a pair of 

scissors, or even reagents depending on what type of character you created. 

No weapons? No armor? No worries. There are several very easy new player quests that you can do repeatedly to get 

everything you need to start training. Let's start with getting an Ethereal mount. There is a quest giver on the 

training platform that will offer you a quest to get just that. Just accept his quest, pick up the horse sitting on the

ground next to him and designate it as a quest item. To do that, click on yourself, select Toggle Quest Item, and target 

the horse in your backpack. Once you receive the message that you have completed the quest, hit ESC to remove the target

from your cursor. Click on the same Quest giver and complete the quest and you will have your very own Ethereal mount.

Double click the horse in your backpack and you will mount it. The Ethereal mount is blessed, so you should never lose it.

Next, you will want to get some training weapons. Close by the Ethereal NPC is the weapon NPC. Accept his quest and pick

up the sword on the ground next to him. Again use the above steps to mark it as a quest item and turn in the quest. Voila,

a set of training weapons is now at your disposal. Equip one of the weapons that you would like to start training with and

click the War button on your paperdoll. Start attacking one of the 4 training elementals and watch the skills go up! You

know you have finished training that particular skill when it reaches 100.0. Switch weapons and start again. You will be GM

in most combat skills before you know it. There is no skill cap on Karma, so train all your skills. 

Another thing you will want to get is the new player starter armor. There are NPC's located all around Nova that can help you

acquire those. You can always tell the quest NPC's by the gold squiglee above their heads. Start accepting quests, and 

completing them in the same fashion as the first two quests. The rewards for these quests will be a bag containing either

a piece of armor or gold. Continue doing the quests till you have the complete set of armor. There are 6 pieces: head, chest,

arms, gloves, leggings and a gorget. Completing the set will allow you to train other skills at no cost for reagents (magery 

skills) or tithing (chivalry skill). As stated before, there is no skill cap, so train them all.

Next thing you may want to do before heading out and killing things, is to train your healing. After all, no one wants to die

because they couldn't heal themselves. Start by using bandages on the non poisoned healing trainer. When you reach 80.0 in

healing, switch to the poisoned healing trainer. You will be GM in healing in no time.

You will also want to acquire a decent weapon if you haven't done so already. Look for the NPC named Forrest and accept their

quest. You will be required to kill an ogre that lives in a cave. The ogre resides in a cave that is North of the training

area. Follow the road North out of town and look along the mountains on the west side of the road. If you reach the desert,

you have gone too far. After you kill him, the quest will be complete. Return to Tai and turn in the quest. You will be

rewarded with a war hammer that will come in very handy.

After all that, you may feel you are ready to kill something. That's good. There are many different monsters on the island

that you can fight, or you may want to visit one of the two New Player Champs. The New Player Champs can reward you with 105 

or possibly 110 powerscrolls which allow you to increase skills. One of the champ spawns is the Tunt champ. It is pirate 

based. So if you find the area with a bunch of pirates, you are in the right area. The other champ spawn is the Legion champ.

It is legionaire based, so again, if you find monsters with Legion in their name, chances are you found it. There is even a 

quest to retrieve an item from the Legion champ boss. Equip the war hammer that you got as a quest reward. The weapon specials 

make it easy to kill the monsters at the champ spawn sites.

When you grow weary of killing things, there is still much to be done. Like more training. I know it doesn't sound fun, but it

is easy. Return to the training area and on the table at the north end is a stack of books. There you can start training your

crafting skills. There are also other skills you may train in the area as well. Taming is done with the small wagon on the 

ground. And bard skills can be trained with the cello right next to it. There is even a lockbox for training lockpicking.

Be warned though. Using these items does a small amount of damage to you when used. Make sure you heal yourself before they kill

you. If using a macro, that small inconvenience can be overcome by adding a heal self to the macro. Using these items will only get 

you to 75.0 in each skill they train you in. The rest will have to be done by actually using the skill.

Here's some good news. All the quests you have done and all the champs you killed were not in vain. Each was giving you reputation

gains. There is a quartermaster on the training platform that sells many useful items. Like spell books, bandies, ammo, armor and

weapons. There is even a title deed when you reach the highest level of reputation. How long will it take you to become a 

"Hero of the NPA"? 

Ready to leave the new player island? That's simple. Head East out of the town and a little bit to the west is the gate. Just

select the land you wish to travel to then select one of it's options and off you go! 

Welcome to the world of Karma.