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Pet Breeding and Leveling:

Pet Breeding:

Breeding pets allows you to create stronger pets. Pets must be bred with another pet of the exact same type, and you can only breed a male and female together. Pets must be at least level 9 to breed. To breed pets you must 

be standing close to an animal breeder. Single-click one of the pets and bring up the context menu and select "NPC Info". In the window that appears, there is a button in the bottom left which is used to breed. It will pull up a cursor which is used to target the pet you want to breed yours with. This has to be another players pet. The owner of the targeted pet will get a gump asking them to accept or decline. Once accepted, and upon successful breeding of the pets, both players will get a deed in their pack with the date you can claim the baby. 

Babies take 3 days before they are ready. Once you claim the baby by dropping the baby deed on the animal trainer (assuming you have the required gold shown on the claim ticket), the parent will be placed in your stable. 

Both parents will have delays of 6 days* (144 hours) before you can breed them again. If the pets fail to breed,you must wait 12 hours before attempting to breed that pet again. Breeding success chance can be increased with

the use of a special imbue.

The pet breeding success chance is based on the following formula:

Tamer1 taming skill base + tamer2 taming skill base) / 20 +     

Tamer1 lore skill base + tamer2 lore skill base) / 20 +        

Tamer1 vet skill base + tamer2 vet skill base) / 20 + 

Tamer1 breed success bonus + tamer2 breed success bonus

*There is a chance to reduce the timer on pet breeding with timer reduction deeds that you may obtain by completing

taming bods in intervals of 8 and 24 hours.

Pet Leveling:

A pet gains experience whenever they fight. When pets gain a level they gain 20 ability points which can be used to distribute and increase the pets stats. Most of the stats are locked at first, but will unlock when the pet reaches the required level (see chart below). To view a pet's info and apply points, single-click the pet and select "NPC Info" from the menu. To apply ability points click on the red button at the bottom of the window. Max level for pets is 30.Since all pets start gaining points at level 2, the max points you have to spend will be 580 for a level 

30 pet.

Stat                          Level     Max 


Hit Points                1 2000

Stamina                1 500

Mana                        1 1000

Resistances                10 75

Min Damage                20 Varies with pet

Max Damage                20 Varies with pet

Roar, Poison, Fire Breath 26 100

Armor Rating                30 70

Strength                        40      1500 

Dexterity                       40      500

Intelligence                    40      1000

                                                                                         Written by: Dr Kevorkian