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Fixes 4-20-19:

 - Minor updates to a few crafting menus 

- Added Harvest Scythes to the tinkering menu

- Content added for future mini-events 

- Minor updates to storage key menus 

- [myhouses command should now be functional 

Patch 1.0.1 : Hotfixes and Hidden Legends!

- [mystats gump will now show your total account gold on the first page. 

- Niporailem should now be considered a peerless and has had his hit points adjusted. 

- Pyre should no longer be tamable.

- Talismans(Talismen?) should hopefully show proper names. 

- Ratmen mini-champ mobs should now fall under the vermin category for slayer references. 

- The honesty virtue system has been disabled pending review. 

- Animal trainers will now give you a new BOD upon turning in of a completed BOD.  

- [grab feature implemented - it will collect all misc resources, but only if you select click everything via [graboptions 

- New elementals for dropping magical residue/enchanted essence/relic fragments should now spawn in misc places. 

- New Champion spawn added with one location trammel, one location felucca. [Semi-Hard] 

- Tons of misc changes behind the scenes which you likely will never see but be thankful for in the long run. 

Patch 1.0.2 Patch Notes Fixes:

 - Gargoyle's Pickaxes and Sturdy Pickaxes should now consume charges when mining. 

- Gargoyle's Pickaxes have been added to the Tinkering menu (requires 5 sturdy pickaxes to craft).

- Crystal Hydras should now properly target just players and pets. - "Legion!" quest should now properly call the warriors "warriors". 

- Niporailem should now have 120,000 hit points instead of strength. 

- World Trees should now properly drop Karma Coins. 

- Blank glyphs will now be able to be stored in the Scribe's Key. 

- Blood of the Dark Father will now be able to be stored in the Adventurer's Key. - Locker Keys will now be a different color for better visibility. 

- Peerless bosses will now drop imbuing materials/herbs at appropriate rates. 

- New quivers should now have a capacity of 5000, up from 500. 

- Powerscroll books will now correctly filter powerscrolls based on skill value. 

- Using a harvest scythe will now properly reveal you.

- Mobile action delay has been reduced by 50%. 

New Content

- Rewards for vote tokens have been added. 

- Trammel Dungeon Bosses (Written from scratch after months of planning):     

- A new boss box has been added to most trammel dungeons (8 of them)    

- These boxes accept minor artifacts, after 10 of them are placed inside, a dungeon boss will spawn.     

- These bosses have a feature that includes dropping different items based off the people killing it.         - 1 to 2 people will get low tier loot.         - 3 to 4 people will get middle tier loot.         - 5 or more people will get high tier loot.        

- A total of 64 new artifacts have been added with this system.     

- Each dungeon boss also drops a fragment from each dungeon, which can be placed inside a staff.     

- Staff of the Forest is used to summon a new group world boss (suggested 5 players).     

- A Trammel and Felucca location is setup for summoning this boss at the Idol of the Forest.    

 - There are different loot tables based upon which facet you kill the boss. 

Patch 1.0.3: Redoom

- Every doom artifact got an overhaul and is now alterable through crafting to gargoyle forms. 

- Most major tots got an overhaul.  

- Shifted/added/removed several item storage key items. 

- Adding cold area glyphs to weapons should no longer affect life/mana leech.

- Mother's Day achievements for ethereal/equippable items added. 

- New HoTM: Hue of the Month     

- Each month will bring one of the donation hues to the front and   center of attention     

- HoTM bag will give you that months hue with 3 charges and an ethereal mount of staff selection in that color hue, with achievements to mount them. 

- Fixed bug that caused a crash with destroyable items and paralyzing blow. 

- Fixed a bug with a staff command that would cause a crash. (looking at you mal) 

-  Added coin mobs to fel dungeons and made a display case for tokuno major artifacts. 

Patch 1.0.4 Patch Notes:

- Karma Coins are now blessed. 

- Shadowlord peerless has had his teleport range reduced to 10 from 20. 

- New powerscroll exchange barrel has been placed in Luna and Nova. 

- New Currency key has been implemented as well as a treasure hunter's key. 

- Completed treasure maps are no longer droppable into davies locker. 

- Monster statuettes have been removed from the veteran reward list (will be brought back later). 

- Armored hats should now be repairable via tailoring craft. 

- [grab options should now be able to search and grab treasure maps, herbs, and imbuing materials. 

Hotfix Notes 5-21-19:

 - Karma Coins have been added to the [grab options menu, labeled "Coins". 

- Arrows, Crossbow Bolts, and Lockpicks have been removed from the Cleanup Britannia points system. 

- Level 7 treasure maps should now be accepted by the Cleanup Britannia chest. 

Patch Notes: Patch 1.0.5

 - Void Pool encounter should now begin upon entering level 2 of covetous instead of exiting level 1. 

- [grab options should now correctly allow you to deselect herbs. 

- Selecting resources in [grab options will now grab daemon bones and bones. 

- Daemon bones can now be stored in the adventurer's key. 

- Karma Coins will now appropriately drop due to blessed status. 

- Champs, Peerless, Powerscroll crystals will now appropriately give Vials of Vitriol, instead of Vials of Vitirol. 

- The bug on most shards regarding blues flagging on reds while on non-felucca maps has (with limited testing) been fixed. 

- New Feature: [addissue command: will pull up a gump for you to add issues that exist in game. 

- New feature: [viewissues command: will allow you to view current issues so you do not duplicate them. 

- New feature: [keyguard command should allow you to select items you do not want into keys. 

- Future Content: This update provides updates on future content that we cannot go into at this time about updates or for update updates. Especially not for ones 6-8 weeks from now. (Don't worry, we will have updates in between now and 6-8 weeks from now, but these updates are only for updates from 6-8 weeks for now. An updated update!) 

Update for updated updates 6-8 weeks away:

- Just a quick clarification on a few things regarding the void pool: this is not custom content, it comes standard with most updated server cores, no matter what anyone from any shard tells you, it is NOT custom content, it is standard OSI content, any shard that has a clue, knows this. (not a patch note per se, but some folks believe we have written this system. or that we have taken it from somewhere else. Just wanted to clarify that before it got too out of hand) 

Patch Notes: Hotfixes 5/27/19

 - A few item names have been corrected. 

- Vote tokens will now come as a dark blue color instead of white. 

- Blank Scrolls have been added to the [grab options menu, under "get resources". 

Patch Notes: Hotfixes 5-29-19

 - Justice Seekers will now give approximately 12.5x the justice as before. 

- Dark Father will now drop between 1 and 3 major runes. 

- Imbuing key will now properly store the correct vial of vitriol. 

- All storage keys should now properly be blessed. 

- Spellweaving scrolls have been added to the scribe's key. 

- New [grab options feature: Scrolls     

- Blank Scrolls moved from resources to scrolls option.     

- All scrolls added to the scroll feature for easy grabbing. 

- Claim list gump should be more easily visible and manageable now. 

- Vote tokens have been changed to a red color. 

Patch Notes: Patch 1.0.7 - Finished updates from previous patch.

 - Achievement added for the June HoTM Mount. 

- Player vendor costs have been reduced by approximately 90%. 

- Many museum/zoo collectibles have been upgraded (Britain Museum, Vesper Museum, and Moonglow Zoo included). 

- New bright hair and beard dyes will be added to the donation store. 

- Fathers Day event is in and will begin as soon as the spawns are in.     

- New tamable spawned in Eodon marked with a [Fathers Day Event].     

- New item to be purchased off vendor stone in Luna bank.     

- New ice green chest in Luna bank to drop the filled vermin leashes in to.     

- You must tame one of the new tamables and combine it with the vermin leash that you buy off the stone.     

- You will be rewarded with Eodon Commendations (1 Commendation for one regular tamable and 5 Commendations for a rare colored tamable).     

- At the end of the event (June 16th) the top 5 people with the most commendations will receive a special reward  in addition to the regular event rewards. 

Patch Notes: Hotfixes 6-8-19

 - Boat Decay time increased from 9 days to 30 days. 

- Skill and Stat codexes (Codi?) are now immovable. 

- Non monster mobiles should no longer be carvable by [grab. 

- Voting can now only occur on one character per IP per 24 hours. 

Patch Notes: Patch 1.0.8

  - Honesty system has been more... thoroughly disabled. 

- World bosses will now have more epic lewtz. 

- Staff members will now have an arrowhead talisman equipped indicating their departments and ranking levels. 

- Fathers day rewards have been finalized and put in for use at the end of the event. 

- 3 new weapon types added (go find them hehe). 

- Storage key vendors have been updated to actually be blessed. If anyone has any that are not, please page us. 

- New storage options in both the wood key and adventurer's key. - Dimetrosaur's stats have been adjusted. 

- A blessed bag has been added (only holds blessed items). Will be available in the donation store soon. 

- A new pet (Sphinxter) has been added. Will be obtainable soon. 

- Britain museum talismans have been given a minor buff. 

- Some July monthly/July 4th items have been added. 

- [getpet command is in and needs to be tested. 

- Poot Fur is now properly named. 

- Ancient Pottery Fragments will now drop more commonly off some creatures in the Abyss. 

- Hit Harm and Hit Cold Area glyph costs should now be more appropriate. 

Patch Notes: Patch 1.0.9

 - Runic Reforging should no longer make items unrepairable. 

- Stygian Dragon paragon chests will now be level appropriate. 

- Gargish Vindication Wings should now be equippable. 

- Hooded Shroud of Shadows should now be repairable via tailoring. 

- Orc Choppers should now spawn more frequently. 

- Gargish Vicious War Hammer will now drop as gargish. 

- Shrunken pet weight has been reduced from 25 stones to 5 stones. 

- Blessed and insured items can no longer be donated to the newbie chest in Nova. 

- Non-young players can no longer remove items from the newbie chest in Nova. 

- Gargish Plate Wings should now be wings. 

- Messages in a bottle and special fishing nets have been added to the [grab options     under the selection "Treasure Maps". 

- Blessed and insured items should remain equipped through death now. 

- New Voting System -     

- Vote tokens will now be awarded soulbound to your character.     

- You cannot spend them if they are not soulbound.     

- I will offer a transfer of old vote tokens to new at no cost to you         just the time it takes to have them transferred.     

- A new vote stone will be in the vote store with an entirely new setup.     

- Vote tokens will no longer be a tradeable currency, however, the         rewards will continue to be tradeable. 

- New Newbie Armor System -     

- All newbie armor/weapons have been revamped     

- All newbie armor/weapons will be soulbound to your character     

- All newbie armor/weapons will be limited to accounts under         60 days old. At 60 days the newbie items will automatically         delete.     

- I will slowly over time, be removing the old newbie items from          the game.     - New donation item: Everlasting Lockpick - unlock treasure chests     without fear of breaking your lockpick or losing an item from the chest. 

Hotfix Update 8-5-19

 Private messaging via the chat system should now function properly. 

Patch Notes: Patch 8-10-19

 - Potion Key has been updated to include stealable monster items. 

- Grab system completely reworked. Type [grab options to reset your selections. 

- TRex and Great Ape have been reworked slightly and made karma coin friendly. 

- Virtuebane has been slightly reworked and made much more rewarding. - New gargish artifacts have been added. 

- Cu-sidhe colors should be working properly. 

- Ratmen and Lizardmen should no longer rummage corpses. 

- Harrower has received a Karma Coin buffage. 

- Champion rare drops have been updated (most of them). 

- Chaga Mushroom spawn rate has been increased by approximately 25%. 

- Slayer lists have been updated some. Especially for the mini champs. 

- Moonglow Zoo will have more gargoyle items. 

- Karma coin mobs should be approximately 39% easier. 

- Juzno and Kilayla tameables have received an HP increase. 

- Insane Llamas are about 87% more insane. 

- Wither should be a little less intensive now. 

- New Karma coin store items will be added to the store. 

- New donation items will be added to the store including but not limited to:     

- Robe/Shroud to shoulder armor ID swap.     

- Shield to candle ID swap.     

- Shield to torch ID swap.     

- Shield to lantern ID swap.     

- Shroud of Incognito - Your name will be "No One". Literally, No One. 

- These go to 11. 

Patch Notes: Patch 8-20-19

 - Mini-champ artifacts have been reworked and both versions added to level 6-7 treasure chests. 

- Quivers should now be able to hold the full 5000 arrows or bolts at one time. 

- Quivers should now fill from backpack as a third option. (bank, secure container, pack). 

- [mystats window should now properly show spell damage inc cap at 500. 

- Several mobs have been taken off the dryad allure list. 

- Pirate newbie champ has had its monsters changed. 

- These go to 11. 

Patch Notes: Patch 9-2-19

 - Gargoyle plate wing armor should now be wings. 

- The adding poison to plant but should now be fixed. 

- Hit point, Stamina, and Mana regeneration glyphs should now be affixable to armor. 

- Self Repair deeds should now be usable with a wider variety of items. 

- Doom Lord Shal'Garath will now announce when he is slain. 

Site Content


Mini Hotfix: 9-4-19

- A lot of custom mobs will drop loot that fits their toughness and level 6 maps.

Patch Note: 10-9-19

 Halloween event is active. Maybe check out Moonglow hint 

Patch Note: 10-11-19

-  All the hue bone chests in the donation shop have been changed. Now if you double click them you will get a temporary shroud that shows the color for a few seconds. 

Patch Notes: 11-4-19

-  Now a book on the Nova platform to join our discord  

-  New Achievements have been added 

-  Reputation for Halloween event has been increased for the last week 

-  Pets will now delete on release ( to prevent a bug ) 

- Miscellaneous  optimization   

-  Added November HoTM 

-  Added new feature that allows you to see more pet skills when they are shrunk